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from mother earth to all of you

Thank you all for a wonderful first year!

We are opened for this season. We do not accept bookings, only walk-ins.

At mother earth we offer a variety of exciting choices for those who have been following a plant-based diet for a long time now, but also for the individuals who have just decided on making the change and seek for a nutritious way of living.


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Mother Earth cocktail

delicious cocktails & mocktails

mother earth beyond meat burger

beyond meat burgers

mother earth vegan desserts

fresh & healthy desserts


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our menu

At mother earth, we create dishes that are vegan- and vegetarian-friendly. Regarding the menu, there has been a strict selection of organic and high-quality ingredients to promote the healthiest lifestyle.

we use the best ingredients for our dishes, mostly organic with a pinch of love!


plant-based diet & health

At mother earth we believe that converting to a plant-based diet is a big step towards a healthier lifestyle.

We offer flavorful appetizers and main courses, and even desserts with nutritional benefits, as well as dishes with higher protein content, fewer calories, and gluten-free choices.

all eaters are welcome


plant-based diet & health

Customers at mother earth should feel free to ask any question regarding the ingredients that make up the menu.

Our friendly staff is always at your disposal and ready to assist you in making the right choices for you and your health.

we see the plants differently

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