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At mother earth we take great care when selecting our ingredients

At mother earth we take great care when selecting our ingredients. We fully believe that the combination of pure ingredients and cooking techniques gives us the best, most flavorful result. The ingredients we use are mostly organic and we have partnered up with some of the best organic product companies in the whole of Greece (such as Bio Art and Green Bay). At the same time, we support “smaller” producers who provide us with specific products. For example, our olives are from the farm of “Kouppa” in Lesvos island, where production is executed with methods of biodynamic cultivation. Our potatoes are not fried but baked in the oven since they are also of biodynamic cultivation. Our “tempe” is provided by a Greek producer and not imported (peace by peas). We only use greek cheeses, from Mykonos or organic farms of Lesvos, Tempi, and Evoia. Our bread is only made with sourdough that rests for 36 hours using the best flour (Betty’s Bakery). Our olive oil and sunflower oil are both organic and cold-pressed. In addition, we cooperate with foodelco, which supplies us with “beyond meat” burgers, which are known for being the best meat substitute. Our nut butters, legumes, nuts, wines, and beers are undoubtedly the best on the market. We have also chosen the coffee brand TAF, known as a unique blend for real coffee lovers. There is not an ingredient or product we use that we are not proud of and certain of the final result in a dish.