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'Tempeh' by Peace by peas

In our restaurant, we use handmade, excellent quality Greek soy tempeh for our salads made by Peace by Peas, a Greek company with long-life products that promote good health. Tempeh is a plant food with a high protein content. Soy contains vegetable proteins and it's fermentation gives it a wealth of nutrients.


It has a high caloric value, and also is rich in dietary fiber that binds to toxins and detoxifies the colon. In recent years, it has become more and more popular and is increasingly included in our dietary choices.



Also, research shows that eating more plants and less meat is an ally to longevity.

Tempeh is produced when whole soybeans are soaked, cooked, left to ferment, and then pressed into a firm meaty patty that is overrun with a full earthy flavor.

Tempeh is undoubtedly a highly nutritious alternative to meat and appeals to consumers looking for nutritional virtues.