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Mother earth...a place that is a little different


Mykonos has a reputation for being expensive and by coming here you know that things are likely to be a little "more" but every now and then you'll find a place, a place that is a little different. So even if it sounds a little strange, there are places where you can eat well, be respected and not pay a fortune for the value of the food.


If you add that we are talking about health, nutrition & excellence, then Mother Earth deserves the term of... "museum of the cosmopolitan island".

You can tell from the moment you sit down that this place is not in business to get rich, they are simply here to offer you a good meal with outstanding service at a great price.

The owner, an island local from an old and well-known family, is well known both on the island and throughout Greece.


The word "vegan" scares some people, and that is only because they don't know that even a plant based diet can be satisfying. Starting with breakfast all the way through to dinner you can eat deliciously, be satisfied, and without missing any flavour.

This also applies to the excellent cocktails on offer which makes this restaurant an all round experience that you should not miss ... take the time and spoil yourself at Mother Earth.


Blog credits: Kalopernao.gr